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I’m writing this post because someone close to me was recently diagnosed with a common and treatable form of cancer.  My hope is that these thoughts are helpful for them, and others, as they reexamine their diet and lifestyle that may have contributed to their condition. My opinions on diet change – rather, are refined […]

This is the second in a series of posts designed to help managers think about business requirements for selecting enterprise vendors and software.  Please also check out my first post on Business Intelligence platforms. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) inspire a lot of confusion.  Best to begin with what they are and what they are not. CDPs […]

Digiday going deep with my colleague (and hire) Dr. Matt Moocarme on how we’re leveraging our custom data stack and artificial intelligence to create better social media posts and campaigns.   Extremely proud of the team’s work and the patent we earned for this project!

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