Hello! I’m a digital product developer born and based in NYC.

Time Well Spent

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40% – Technology
20% – Food
20% – Music
20% – Health
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I am a senior data strategist / product developer at Viacom, where I focus on building platforms / products /  audience for our television and film content.

Previously, I led our user platforms group, building digital experiences – and the data layers below them – used across the websites, apps and TV channel of brands like MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures.

I’ve been lucky to leads diverse teams of product developers, data scientists, designers and engineers as we build out platforms that allow millions of users to engage with Viacom’s content.

For more info visit linkedin.com/in/davidberzin


I am passionate about tasty, healthy and sustainable food.  From shopping at farmers market, to practicing my knife skills, to exploring to food/tech scene I love how diving into the food chain leads to more conscious consumption decisions, better health and fantastic eating experiences with friends and family.


A lifelong musician, and I always enjoy picking up any number of instruments and creating something new.  Starting on piano and adding trumpet, guitar, bass, digital production, signing and songwriting to the mix I’m on an endless quest to write the perfect song.

You can hear my last musical project here: facebook.com/plasticdays and soundcloud.com/plastic-days


I’m an technology advisor to my wife’s amazing healthcare startup, Parsley Health.  Parsley offers patient-centric healthcare through a unique long-term membership that actually focuses on getting people off of medication.  It’s been a blast watching Robin build this business by hand and the high tech / holistic approach to health is definitely rubbing off around the house.