I advise companies in the food, health, wellness and other socially minded industries on product / data strategy, vendor selection / management, growth / marketing and much more.

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Parsley Health

Who: modern holistic primary care, featuring top doctors aided by advanced diagnostic testing and smart digital tools.

Contributions: product, data, fundraising strategy, MVP execution, team building, growth, more. 

Edible Communities

Who: Edible tells the story of how cities eats, featuring top journalism on chefs, producers and food systems.

Contributions: product strategy, website re-platforming, vendor selection / management, new digital initiatives.

Dom Vetro

Who: Dom Vetro is an artisanal eyewear company located to Los Angeles, California. “Every pair is personal,” with sun and optical glasses are entirely handcrafted, made-to-order and fully customizable.  

Contributions: vendor selection for Dom Vetro Custom, a mobile AR application for virtual try-ons of custom glasses.