Viacom’s social media “echo-system.”

At Viacom we’re hard at work at new tools to create, predict and measure our social media campaigns.

“Viacom’s data-driven ad sales unit Vantage is upping the volume on its Echo social media product.

Now, with version 3.0 of Echo, the company is offering marketing clients what it is calling an entire “Echosystem” of tools. Those tools will help create social media campaigns, predict how many people they will reach, optimize them while they are in the market, and provide a thorough analysis when they’re over…”

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We’re hiring @ Viacom Data Strategy!

We’ve got two brand new openings in my Social Media Data Strategy group.  Recommendations greatly appreciated and I’m happy to answer any questions.

Director, Data Aggregation Product Development

Your job is to connect, map and drive insights from a growing universe of internal and external data sets that drive key business decisions for senior Viacom leadership.  You’ll manage the roadmap, development, quality assurance and executive / brand / market-facing reporting products that emerge from Viacom’s data ecosystem.  In partnership with executive management, lead researchers, data scientists and a kaleidoscope of internal and external platforms – ranging from Nielsen to Adobe to Facebook to Rentrak to internal platforms – you’ll modernize and weaponize critical data sets and drive clear business value. link

Sr. Manager, Social Media Data Product Development

Your job is to design, deliver and iterate ground breaking, data-driven social media data products that increase engagement and revenues for Viacom’s brands and advertisers.  You will dig deep in the users, influencers, brands, ad products and APIs of mature and emerging social networks – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, SnapChat, Twitter – and steer how Viacom interacts and drives clear business value on these platforms.  You will partner with integrated marketing teams, data scientists and developers to create unique experiences in the market that delight and drive revenues. link

Viacom Viewprint

My colleagues on the Viacom Data Strategy team recently added intelligence to another link within the integrated marketing campaign chain – data-driven campaign design.  We’re blending first party behavioral, attitudinal, and social data to create the best content campaigns for our advertisers.  Learn more about the Viacom Viewprint here:

A day in the life.

A good write up in Variety that answers the often asked question — “what is it you DO for a living?”

Over the past few years, a phalanx of data scientists from Microsoft and other technology havens have been lured to Viacom, where they are busily calculating ways to help marketers place their commercials with more precision.

Breaking things

A good day in the office.

  • .5 billion social engagements
  • ~50 million tweets (250k re. Kanye for president!)
  • ~25 million video streams

Viacom content resonates across all measurable platform — and then some.

Exchange programs aren’t only for Students!

A few years ago, as I entered my second lifetime at Viacom, I suggested to my management that we start up an internal ‘exchange program’ for Viacom Product Managers.  We selected four star performers from different parts of the organization – ex. a product manager from our central video player team, a UX lead from the Comedy Central brand product team – and asked them to switch locations and responsibilities for three months.

The goals were multifold but can be summarized as an attempt to ‘stir-the-pot’.  By stepping into the role tangential but different from your day-job we found that product developers contributed both to their home and away teams.  Central teams received first hand feedback from their brand customers.  Brand teams received a better understanding of the long term requirements and goals that shape central platform “software” requirements.  In both cases, employees shared and learned different styles of getting similar jobs done.

The exchange program is not without challenges.  In many cases, exchanged product managers had to do both their new job AND their old job, since it was impossible to fully on- and off-board their home-team responsibilities.  There was also management overhead added to busy teams with the burn of losing those employees at three months – just after they ramped up to speed.

That said, I believe the benefits of this program greatly outweigh the required extra effort.  Product Management is often called out as a study in empathy.  By switching seats and teams, our best performers not only cross-pollinated some of our best ideas, but got a first hand feel for the requirements of their sister teams.

‘The Real Value of Design’

Business first, user first, design first… There is a lot of great conversation in our industry about the best approach to building products.  I love the healthy debate.

The folks over at motiv have decided to quantify the value of design-centric organizations and compare the yields vs the S&P.  No surprise, design driven orgs win out.

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