Advising & Consulting

I help companies across a variety of industries and growth stages with their digital strategy.  Get in touch to discuss your project!

Areas of focus include:

Business Strategy

  • Product/market fit research and validation
  • OKR definition and implementation
  • Fundraising

Organizational Design

  • Team structure and budgeting
  • Recruiting and closing key technical hires
  • Managing, mentoring, and career pathing


  • Product vision development (long-term, north-star masterplans)
  • Product strategy (mid-term milestones that unlock the vision)
  • Product discovery (via Design Thinking, persona development, prototyping, user interviews, user journeys)
  • Product delivery (roadmap development/management, requirements development, user story/process flow development, product design, software development lifecycle management with engineering teams)
  • Product analysis and validation (analytics platform selection, instrumentation, and operation)

Data / Data Science

  • Data collection, dictionaries, and democratized access
  • BI vendor selection and implementation
  • CRM/CDP selection and implementation
  • Data science/data product management
  • Data storytelling


  • Brand, voice, and design systems
  • Content strategy, including SEO, hub pages, and video
  • Social media strategy
  • CRM/Emai/multichannel communications


  • Compliant SaaS toolsets selection or development (authentication, onboarding, scheduling, messaging, video, chat, care plans/care pathways, clinical protocols)
  • Patient portal development
  • Clinical tool development
  • Partner tool development
  • Outcomes measurement and reporting 


  • Shopify Plus and the related ecosystem
  • Headless commerce
  • Checkout/conversion rate optimization
  • Social selling
  • Fulfillment/supply chain
  • Customer service

Sample Projects

Parsley Health

Who: Modern holistic primary care, featuring top doctors aided by advanced diagnostic testing and smart digital tools.

Contributions: Product, data, MVP execution, team building, growth, and much more.


Who: Direct-to-consumer mental health care via groundbreaking supervised psychedelic medicine.

Contributions: Product/market fit validation, product process, HIPAA compliant tool selection, CRM selection


Who: Leading food community for professional and home cooks, with massive social and website followings.

Contributions: Monetization strategy, product strategy, product analytics, design / UX, development process, user data

Edible Communities

Who: Edible tells the story of how cities eat, featuring top journalism on chefs, producers, and food systems.

Contributions: Product strategy, website re-platforming, vendor selection/management, new digital initiatives.

Dom Vetro

Who: Dom Vetro is an artisanal eyewear company located in Los Angeles, California. “Every pair is personal,” with sun and optical glasses are entirely handcrafted, made-to-order, and fully customizable.  

Contributions: Vendor selection for Dom Vetro Custom, a mobile AR application for virtual try-on of custom glasses.

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