Supporting Sweet Dreams: A Product Journey from Concept to Impact with Proper Sleep + Behavior Tracking App

As the Product Management Leader at Proper, a Redesign Health portfolio company focused on sleep health, I had the incredible opportunity to spearhead the creation of a groundbreaking consumer-facing product that changed the way our customers understand and optimize their sleep. Our journey from ideation to delivery was a remarkable adventure that brought together sleep science, novel user-centric design, and our passion for enhancing people’s lives through better sleep.

Inception and Ideation

The journey began with a vision to empower our customers to take control of their sleep quality and duration with the most research-supported intervention for poor sleep, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) – and to promote our consumer products (evidence-based, premium sleep supplements).

The science is clear: behavior change changes sleep quality. We recognized the growing importance of sleep in overall well-being and were eager to provide a tool that allowed users to bridge the gap between their daily behaviors and the quality of their sleep. Our goal was to create an intuitive, data-driven app that helped users uncover new insight into how their daily routines impacted their sleep patterns.

The world didn’t need another sleep tracker; rather we needed to build a behavior tracker that used sleep tracking metrics as core outcomes.

Our product and design team conducted thorough market research, analyzing user needs, pain points, and existing solutions. Armed with insights, we embarked on an ideation process that encouraged diverse perspectives. The world didn’t need another sleep tracker; rather we needed to build a behavior tracker that used sleep tracking metrics as core outcomes. Brainstorming sessions and design thinking workshops with customers and clinicians fueled our creative process, leading us to a clear vision of the Proper Sleep + Behavior Tracker.

User-Centric Design and Iteration

To ensure our app truly resonated with users, we adopted a user-centric design approach. We engaged in user interviews, focus groups, and usability tests to gather feedback at every stage of development. This iterative process allowed us to refine the app’s features, user interface, and overall user experience.

The app’s core functionality was designed around the concept of self-reporting sleep-promoting and sleep-detracting behaviors. Users could effortlessly input behaviors such as bedtime consistency, media exposure before sleep, and dietary choices. These inputs, combined with sleep data from wearable devices or self-reported, formed the foundation for our data-driven insights.

In close collaboration with our product design partners, XXIX, we executed this vision with a novel visual identity that supported touch-friendly mobile inputs and circular, clock-inspired data visualizations.

The Proper Sleep + Behavior Tracker revealed correlations between sleep-promoting and sleep-impacting behaviors.

Testing and Validation

Testing was a pivotal phase of our product development journey. We created prototypes to simulate the app’s interactions and visualizations, seeking user feedback on usability, clarity, and overall appeal. Our team’s commitment to continuous improvement drove us to refine the app’s mechanics and aesthetics based on the invaluable insights from these tests.

During this phase, we fine-tuned the data algorithms that correlated sleep behaviors with sleep quality. Rigorous testing ensured the accuracy of our trend detection and data visualization components. Through this iterative process, we evolved from an initial concept to a robust product ready for deployment.

Delivery and Impact

The culmination of our efforts was the Proper Sleep + Behavior Tracking app — an elegant fusion of sleep science and user-centric design. The app empowered users to recognize the effects of their behaviors on their sleep quality and duration. Daily behavior inputs were artfully visualized alongside sleep data, providing users with real-time feedback on their sleep hygiene practices.

We optimized our data visualizations for both mobile and web devices, ensuring a seamless experience for users regardless of their preferred platform. Over time, the app’s trend analysis revealed patterns and correlations that allowed users to make informed decisions about their sleep-promoting and sleep-detracting behaviors.

The app was also leveraged by our team of Sleep Coaches, who worked 1:1 with Proper’s best customers to understand and improve their sleep outcomes.

In Summary

The Proper Sleep App represented more than just a technological innovation; it symbolized our dedication to improving lives through meaningful data insights. Our journey—from ideation to delivery—showcased the power of collaboration, user-centric design, and iterative development. The impact of the app extended beyond the digital realm, influencing positive behavioral changes and promoting healthier sleep habits.

As a Product Leader, being part of this journey has been a privilege. It reaffirmed my belief in the transformative potential of user-focused product development. The Proper Sleep + Behavior App not only enriched our product portfolio (supplementation is of course a data-backed, sleep-promoting behavior) but also enriched the sleep experiences of countless users. As we continue to evolve and innovate, this project remains a testament to our commitment to enhancing lives through thoughtful, data-driven solutions.