About me

Product & Data Strategy

As a product, data, and technology leader, I have over 18 years of experience in building and scaling innovative products for consumer-centered healthcare, media, data products, and large multi-customer platforms. I have a passion for driving business outcomes and improving people’s lives, health, and happiness through human-centered, data-driven, and collaborative approaches.

Most recently, I was the Chief Product Officer at Vori Health, a nationwide full-stack muscular-skeletal medical practice that offers physician-led collaborative care teams, AI-assisted interactive therapeutic content, and social communities to delight patients, change behavior, and improve health outcomes. I led the product, design, and data teams to deliver a seamless and engaging user experience, leveraging data insights and feedback to iterate and optimize the product vision and strategy. I partnered with the clinical, operational, and business teams to align the product roadmap with the company’s goals and values.

Prior to Vori, I built the initial product and technology teams at Parsley Health (a leading virtual functional medicine technology health practice), Mindbloom (groundbreaking mental health featuring psychedelic medicine), and Proper (sleep health via consumable products, human CTBi coaching, and digital tools).

I also have experience at scale, leading multiple platform teams at Viacom/MTV Networks. There I built fan-facing engagement experiences distributed across the websites and apps of our domestic and international brands (MTV, Nickelodeon, others), product-managed novel interactive experiences with emerging social networks (Facebook, Twitter), and built data strategy/science teams that generated significant new revenue for the company.

I am open to conversations regarding advisory, consulting, and selective full-time roles. I am prioritizing working (in-person/hybrid) with amazing people working on meaningful data-driven projects.

For more info visit linkedin.com/in/davidberzin

Food & Cooking

I am passionate about tasty, healthy, and sustainable food.  From shopping at farmer’s markets to practicing my knife skills to exploring to food/tech scene I love how diving into the food chain leads to more conscious consumption decisions, better health, and fantastic eating experiences with friends & family.

Health & Wellness

I have a long-standing personal and professional interest in health and wellness that ranges from continuous optimization of my diet, movement, and mental health to advising and consulting with early-stage healthcare businesses. I picked up ice hockey late in life and enjoy a weekly skate with friends.


A lifelong musician and I always enjoy picking up any number of instruments and creating something new.  Starting on piano and adding trumpet, guitar, bass, digital production, singing, and songwriting to the mix I’m on an endless quest to write the perfect pop song.

You can hear my recent musical projects on Spotify and Soundcloud.


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