The Dark Ages of Tech Usability

The future is bright my friends.

Our kids will laugh at photos of subway cars, packed with hunch-backed phone swipers.  They’ll mock our cable/dongle-filled existence.  They’ll pity the eye strain and radiated pockets that we burden ourselves with to ensure we don’t miss a single Instagram live story…

The original “wireless”

At least I’d like to believe the future is bright.

There are serious challenges ahead for technology and mankind in general, but there is a version where technology integrates seamlessly into our daily lives and we all become more human again.  This version of the future sits next to visions of unlimited clean energy, desalinated water for all, repopulation of the earth’s lost species, and the Mets gaining respectability again.

Google Glass 1.0 was a hot mess, but the ergonomics of posture-friendly wearables were on the right track.  I greatly look forward to friends and strangers looking each other in the eyes again as we pass on our way to our driverless rides home.